All resources and resource folders can be copied and pasted as an original file or as a shortcut to the original. 


Paste takes the original file and duplicates it to the place you paste it. When you Paste a copied resource or folder, it uses more space in the hard drive, therefore we recommend using Paste as Shortcut when moving resources.
Why would you use Paste, then? You may want to Paste an original copy if you run the chance of the first original being deleted. If a resource is deleted, all of it's shortcuts will be as well. If there is a Pasted copy in the system, it will not be deleted.

Paste as Shortcut creates a copied file that is still attached to the original. The Shortcut can still be viewed, copied, downloaded, moved, etc, just as the original, but using the Shortcut takes up less space in the system, helping the system run quickly and smoothly. Therefore, we recommend using Paste as Shortcut when moving resources.

This is also helpful for the client because you can control the resource via the original. If you delete the original, all shortcuts will be removed from the system

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