​Watch the video or read the instructions below. 

User FAQ - Bookshelf from Tim Krauss on Vimeo.

Your Bookshelf is a digital "bookshelf" to store any files you wish to have on your profile. You can use it to upload files you'd like to keep handy and files your course leader wish to see. For example, your leader asks you to upload a completed assignment or article. You would upload it to Your Bookshelf and they you and they will have easy access. The Bookshelf can also be used for leaders to push out content to their users. Your leader may send a file they want you to have to your Bookshelf. Once you confirm and accept the file it will be easily accessible to you. Only you and your course leader can view your Bookshelf. 

Your Bookshelf is easily accessed under your name in the top left corner. 


​Some assignments you complete will be automatically pushed to your Bookshelf, and this is how you would access them. 

​To upload to your bookshelf,

Click Upload to your Bookshelf


Select a file from your computer and click Upload to Bookshelf


The file will appear on your bookshelf with a blank title.


Click Edit ​or the Red X to rename or delete your file


When you click on a file it will download for you to open on your computer


To add a link, you can drag and drop it to the upload box


Edit the link the same as above

Clicking the link will open a new window to the web page