Go the the Gateway Tab under Finances 


Select Stripe from the drop down 


Below the box where you will enter your API Key is a link to obtain your Key and an explanation as to why you would use the Live Secret Key or the Test Secret Key 


Click on the link "here"


The link will take you to Stripe.com, where you must already have an account created

Log in


Copy either the Live or Test Secret Key DO NOT CLICK "DONE"


Go back to Velop and paste it to the API Key box in Payment Gateway 

The next step is to put the Webhook URL from Velop to  your stripe account

Back in Stripe is the Webhooks tab


Click on it and then click Add URL near the bottom right corner


Go back to Velop and copy the url link form the Payment Gateway page


Paste it in Stripe and select if you are in Test mode or Live 


Click Done


Back on the home page of your Stripe account, make sure the Live-Test button is moved to which ever state you are working from 


Back in Velop, the payment gateway will tell you it is Not Ready

Click Save after you have copied the API Key from Stripe and the Webhook URL to Stripe


Velop will then tell you the Payment Gateway is ready. Note: it may take three to five minutes for API to connect.