Go to the Groups icon in Client Admin


Click Add Group


Enter a group name and type. These can be whatever you want. The type can help you describe your groups


The plus sign opens more options for your information as the group owner. Adding additional information is optional


Click Save if you make changes. Or just Save the group


After you save you will be taken to the Group Filter page.
Member Filters are on the left side

Members can be filtered by:
User Name, email and/or gender.


By name


User State or Banned State


Company and/or Role associated with the user 
*If applicable


Terms of use check box
*If applicable 


*Any filters that have a box that says "Use Filter" must be checked before the filter can be used


The Members in the group show up on the right side. The group owner being first


To see the users who show up for a filter, simply click off of the filter. For example, set a filter on email, like anyone who has a Gmail.


Tab or click somewhere else on the page to see the filtered users to the right. (If it is a large group, it make take a few moments.)


As you change filters, the Group Members will change automatically when you click somewhere else on the page

Adding individual members
Use the Include Members button at the top of the page to search for and add specific user(s)


Search for members and click include Members

These members override the filters and appear on the list in a different color 


Deleting group members

Click Remove to take included members out of the group


Or click Exclude on filtered group members. Their name will change and can be re-added by clicking Restore


Click Save when you're done to create the group


Adding groups to sections

Go to the Members page in your section 


Click Add Group

Search for your group and add it/them


To the right of the group use the Expand to see all the members or Collapse the members


To delete the group click Remove Group


And confirm