Viewing the Resource Manager

The Client Admin Resource Manager is where Administrators with access can view all resource in the system.

Access Client Resources using the navigation pull out in the bottom right


The left side of the Resource Manager shows you every folder you have as a client.
The right side shows you a list of resources. 


View or collapse the folders using the (+) or (-) signs next to the folders. Or click on the folder title. 


Click on the folder in the left column to view them on the right side. 


OR Double click on the folder in the left side to view it


Click on the resource to download or open it 


Read about the Special Folders here
Managing Resources

Adding and deleting
Drag a file from your computer to the resource manager
Drop the file when it turns green


The resource will load at the top of the list. 

To delete, right click on a resource and select Delete


Adding a Folder 
Right click on the root folder and select New Folder from the drop down 


The new folder will appear on the list in alphabetical order. Rename the folder and click enter


Delete a folder by right clicking and selecting Delete

Or select Rename to rename the folder
You can add a resource to a folder by dragging and dropping from your computer into an open folder

Copying Resources and Folders 
Easily move resources from folder to folder, copy resources into more than one place and move whole folders 
Right Click on any resource or folder and select, Cut of Copy


Right click on the folder you wish to add the resource to and click Paste


Or double click to open the folder and right click inside the folder to paste the resource


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