Your files may have important and secure information. We've set up a way to manage who can see, copy, move, download, etc. each resource you upload into the system.

Setting client wide permissions for a folder or individual resource
Go to the Resource Manager to set permissions on resources which will be applied across your whole account. 

To set permission perimeters for a specific folder or resource, right clicking on the resource and click Properties


Click the Permissions tab


All client user groups AND memberships you have created appear under the permission tab. Click on one of the groups to view the permissions


Basic Permissions
Hover over the permission titles to see and description for each

Click Show Advanced Permissions to view full permissions list


Advanced Permissions 
Scroll through the list of permissions and check boxes to set specific perimeters for the user group 


Click Apply after setting the permissions 


Click on another user group or membership to set their permissions for that resource


Once you've set the permissions for that folder or individual resource click Save  


To set permissions for another folder or resource, right click on it and follow the same process

Setting permissions for an individual user
You might have an individual user who you wish to give more or less access to a resource. 
To add a user, type their name into the box below the table of User Groups and Client Memberships


As you type, the system will find matching users. Select as many users as you'd like and click Add


They will appear on the permissions table under Users


Follow the instructions for User Groups and Client Memberships to set permissions for the individual users

When you click Save you will see this bar as the system works through resetting the permissions.


Setting permissions in a section
 Permissions set in the Resource Manager are applied client wide, to all sections and all users. You can override a permission for a resource and specific user or group in a specific section by going to the section, right clicking on the resource and editing the permissions as done above. 
This is also how you can set a permission for a resource that has been uploaded in a section.

Deleting/Editing Permissions 
Select the resource and user group you wish to make changes to following the above process and click Save after making your changes. 

Use the red "X" to delete a user or group from a resource


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