How to add members to a Learning Plan (LP)


Add members by clicking on the link or the Add Users button at the top


Add users multiple at a time, as you would to a section and click Add Members


Once a member is added to a Learning Plan, they will see it in their sections. 


Deleting Members 
Delete individual members by going to the Members tab


Or click on  and select multiple or all users to delete



The Members Progress page shows the progress, completion and scores of users

The clock symbol means the user has joined the section but not yet completed it


The dash means the user has not yet started the section 


The blue-grey requirements are Offline Events and indicate that they can be marked off by an admin. Click here to read more about how users complete offline events 


When a user completes a section, it will appear checked off and include a score if there are scores in the gradebook. Members who have completed the LP will move to the top list while uncompleted users will remain in the bottom list. 


Want to see how users access their Learning Plans and see what they've completed?
Click here to see the User Side