You might be curious about what it is users see when they are assigned to and access their learning plans. 
Here are some screenshots to help you understand the system better. 

How Users Access Their Learning Plans
Users access their Learning Plans Via their My Sections 


Select Learning Plans from the View options to the right


To Start a new section in a LP, users simply click Join


If they have already started a section and are returning they will click Continue


If the requirement is an offline event, users can click on Info to see the description for that event


Clicking on the cover of any section will display the section description


How Users See Completed Sections 
When a section is completed or an offline event is marked off, users will see a check on their LP home page


Once the whole LP is complete they will see the Rewards sticker and the score, if Include score was checked 


When they complete a section, they will see the Section completion message asking if they want to continue to the next section or not


And on their final section, they will see that they have completed the whole LP


Accessible sections will be available to join, while unaccessible sections (those requiring a prerequisite) will be grey