iPath is used by you as the client admin/leader of a course to control the way users navigate the course and control the outcome based on the choices they make in the course.
In iPath, there are
      Events- the action of the user
     Conditions- a specific way the user must do the action (this is optional) and an
     Action- the result when the user completes the action, or the action correctly if there is a condition on the event.

To set up iPath, think about what you want the user to do, and what you want to happen when they do it. We have created a document to help you write out your plan: iPath Set Up Sheet

iPath is specific to each section. Start by going to the section you want to create artificial intelligence in.
Click Manage iPath  in the Class Admin 


Walk through the set up
The editor starts with one thing


Select Page


If you want to apply an event to all the pages, keep it on Apply to all pages and add the event.


Otherwise select the page you want to set up


If the event and action is based on just the user viewing the page and not a specific tool in the section, leave it at Apply to all layouts and add an event


Otherwise, select New Layout


The list of tools will appear next. Again, if the event is for all tools, leave on Apply to all tools.


Otherwise, select the tool you want to work with from the drop down. The tools are named as you have named them in the section.


For example, “Youtube” is the video in the web content tool in my section.

Right click on Events and then click Add Event

These are the different events you can select:
                      User answers question
                      User Finishes an Assignment
                      User finishes Video
                      User Reviews Assignment
                      User Starts Video             
                      User is watching video
These event options might change when you are working with different tools
I am going to select User is watching video. I don’t want to give it it’s own title, so I leave that blank, and click Select Event


The options for conditions and actions now appear


To set a condition (optional) Right click on Conditions and select Add condition
Click here 
to see what Conditions go with what Events


I want to make it so the user watches 10 seconds of the video, so I select the second option and click Select Condition


In the next screen, I add “10s” as the duration for 10 seconds. A description on how to insert durations is below that box. Click Save


To add an action, right click on Action and click Add Action


A list of action options will appear. Click here for an overview of each Action

At 10 seconds, I want the video to stop so I select Stop Video


One more screen appears and I click Save


After the video stops, I want the user to be taken to a new page, so I right click on Actions and click Add Action again


The action I select is View Page and click Select Action


On the next screen I determine which page I want the user to be taken to


And click Save


I now have iPath set up for that page.


To apply it, I must hit Apply at the bottom right corner. Once Applied, the iPath is set and will have to be deleted and reapplied if I want to change anything.


To confirm, a screen will appear. Click Apply Now


To view in the section
Go back to the section by using the back button or swiping the mouse (Mac)


When I watch the video, at 10 seconds, the it stops and takes me to the page I indicated



To delete or edit iPath you’ve already applied, follow the same drop down selections to get to your iPath tree.


Once there, right click on any of your selections to edit or delete


Before any actions are final it will ask you to confirm


Click Delete event/action

If you select a new page or tool there will be a blank page to work with. 


All things must be applied with the Apply button for it to work in your section.