The Discussion Page allows you to mirror discussions in your section. Meaning, if you have a discussion on each individual page, you can mirror them to the discussion page so they can be viewed in one list and on their page. The discussion stays the same.

Adding a Discussion Page 
Click New Page


Choose Discussion Page and click Add Page


You will not be able to add discussions to the page in the Designer and it will be blank on the live section


Make sure you click Publish before Viewing Section 

Mirroring a discussion from another page to the Discussion page
When making a new discussion (click here to see how to make a discussion in your section) an option to mirror the discussion is below the options.

Select the page you want it to mirror to

If none, or to remove a mirrored discussion, select the top option

You may mirror the discussion to more than one discussion page. The same discussion can be accessed and updated from all locations

Mirroring a discussion after it's created

Select the discussion you want to mirror 


Hover over the Discussion Tools drop down in the top right and select   


The option for mirror to a discussion page will appear on the pop-up. Select the discussion page(s). Save Changes


All mirrored discussions will be on your Discussion Page