Membership gives you a ton of flexibility to control the access your users have in the system. This allows you to create roles with customized permissions that can be assigned to users, giving them custom access to all or ant section they are in. You can also give and control client admin access to a user.
There are three steps to this.


Under Membership there are two places to create members, Client and Section
To better understand the difference between these two click here


1.  Create new section membership in upper right corner


Create a name for this membership and select what section you want this membership to be available in, or select All Sections if it is not specific


Select what you want this membership to have access to. For example, you want a Facilitator to have permission to start discussions, meetings and add resources to a section. Or, you want a Leader to have permission to assignments, meetings, resources and managing members.
Select Allow for those permissions


And Save the changes


*This section permission is not ready to be used in a section yet. A client membership must be created first.*

Go back to the Membership page

Under Section Memberships, the membership you created will be there. You can edit by clicking on it or delete using the red "x" to the right.


2. Create New Client Membership. This is what access you want a user to have in Client Admin.


Name the membership, (It is easiest to name the client membership the same as the section membership) Then select the section membership access you want a user to have when they join any section. These options come from what you create in Section Membership.


If you want a Facilitator to have no Client Admin access, then leave as Inherit Client Membership.



3.  Assign the memberships you created to your users
To assign a user a membership to be automatic throughout the whole system go to members on your Client Admin panel.


Change the membership in the drop down for your user. They will have the client access you set under memberships and the section access assigned to it. This creates an automated action where any class they are added to from there on they will have the section membership assigned to the Facilitator client membership. 


To manually set a membership to a user in a section, go to that section


Click View Members


And change the section membership of your user


This user will now have customized access based on the membership role you've assigned them.

You will see that "Permissions" is still available for users. See how this works with permissions here.