You may want to use Follow iPath if a user must watch a certain part of a video or receive a certain score to pass an assignment before marking the section complete; or if the iPath takes users in different directions (Personalized Learning).*

If you set a sections requirements to Follow iPath in the compliance of a Learning Plan, you will also need to make sure the iPath is set properly in the section. If you are unfamiliar with how to set up iPath, learn about it here

In your section, go to Manage iPath


Select Page and Apply to all pages
Add the Event and Conditions. i.e. the user must watch 75% of the video to pass OR the user must complete the assignment with 80% correct to pass


Then Add Action


Select Complete Curriculum Requirement  and click Save


In the next box select which learning plan the section is part of


And then which section of the LP is supposed to be completed


Click Apply

If the section is in more than one Learning Plan, add another Action and select which learning plan and the same section. Seen below


Make sure you click Apply  at the bottom of the iPath page to save all iPath.


*The above instruction are how to apply the Learning Plans completion to a section using iPath, but you may want to add more details in your iPath. To do so, create the iPath as you usually would. For example, you have a hidden page with an assignment that can only be viewed once the user completes the first video. In Manage iPath, go to that page and set the Event (User watches video), Condition (if applicable) and Action (Show page, View page) for that video tool. Setting the Complete Curriculum Requirement Action should only be done on the Apply to all Pages page and include any events required for the class to be complete. 

*You can have a section with iPath and still use the Automate iPath option in the LP compliance