We have made it so that you can insert Articulate Storyline as an assignment in any of your classes. This gives you the ability to pull results from any quizzes you put in your Articulate Storyline. This also give you a way to see if users complete the story, even if there are not responders/questions, because it appears as a completed assignment- neat! 

First, the Storyline must be compressed into a SIP file.

Once you have created and Published your Articulate Storyline, find the file folder on your computer. In this example, our Storyline file is called "Accounting 101"
*Storyline can be published as either WEB or LMS, both work in our system


Select all of the subfolders


Right Click and select Compress (x) Items


This will create a new ZIP file in the file folder called "Archive"


Click on the file to edit the name


Under Class Admin, go to the Assignment tile


Click Create New Assignment 


Select the Assignment Type as "Articulate"


Title your assignment and make sure the Articulate Type is set to "Storyline" (which it should be as default)


Below that, click Choose File by Import Articulate Storyline


Select your Storyline SIP file. As the file begins to load, you will know by the working bar in the upper right corner of your screen


After a few moments, a screen like this will display as it imports the ZIP. DO NOT NAVIGATE FROM THIS PAGE


The system is looking for and gathering all the components it needs, which it then displays back on this page. If the information doesn't seem to make sense, that is okay, it is a list of codes that we deal with so you don't have to


Just below the imported information is where you will see what questions, if you have any, were pulled into the assignment from your Articulate


Click Save

Add the assignment to any class as you would a default assignment. Resize the tool to fit your Storyline