You can upload PowerPoint slide shows using With our system, slideshow presentations can be accessed right in your online class without having to open another window. 

First, sign up for a free account
Upload your slide presentation with the orange button on the top bar

Choose your file and upload


Access your presentations under My Uploads in the account tab, top right


Open which slide show you want


Click Embed at the top


Highlight and copy from "http://..." to the embed code number "...code/29938747"
Do not copy the whole link, it will not work in the system


    For example, if you are looking at the whole link only copy this part:


Next, in your section, Add a Web Tool


Paste the URL into the Web tool under Settings by double clicking on the tool


Resize and move the tool how you wish


Publish before viewing section. 
In the live section, users can scroll through the slides