The Grade Book allows you to see every user, every assignment, what users have or have not done, every users score and all class averages in each section.

In a section, click View Assignments under Class Admin


Gradebook is the first tab


In the Gradebook you will see:
    User Names
  •  Click on a users name to see a list of all their completed assignments, scores and date completed
  •  Hover over the score to see the percentage
  • Select one of the assignments to view it

   Assignments in the class


  • Select an assignment to see a list of all the user who have participated in it and their score


  • And as above, click on a user name to see their assignment or hover over the score to see a percentage

 Each users score for each assignment


  • Hovering over the score will show you their percentage


  •  If an assignment is not yet completed you will see --. Hovering over the dash will show you a message

  •  You can manually adjust scores right in the gradebook. Click on a score to change it. This box will appear whenever you click on an individual users score for a specific assignment


  • Change the Score or the Total Correct Answers using the + and - buttons


  • Or select the Pass or Exempt options, which will give the user 100% for their score. Adding a note is optional


  • Click Save and the overall score will be automatically calculated in the gradebook

   Weight of each assignment
  • You can decide how important each assignment is to the overall grade by changing the weight %. Maybe you want one assignment to be 40% of the over all grade, the next to be 25%, two to be 10% and the next to be 35%. The beauty of our system is that it can calculate an accurate overall percentage without having to keep the total assignment % at 100%. In the example here, the total points of percentage are 120%. The system automatically calculates the overall percentage. Therefore you can add as many assignments as you want with whatever %weight without throwing off the overall grade. 
  • It is as easy as clicking on the % and an inline editing box will appear. Tab to save. The gradebook will adjust accordingly. 

   Overall percentage for each user in the class
  • This will adjust automatically to all the score and % changes you make

Read about creating more than one Gradebook here

Assignments the second tab


The numbers on each line is the average for the assignment 

Click on an assignment to see the results of all the users. 


Then click on a user name to see their individual assignment


Use the Download button to download a PDF of the assignment to your computer

Latest Assignments the third tab/ Latest Forms
This tab has a list of the most recently done assignments, or forms, and their score. Clicking on the assignment will show you that users results, as seen above


Use the search bar to look up users names 

Client Options in the Gradebook

On your dashboard go to Options

Select Gradebook

Select how you want the system to keep scores: by calculating a grade, passing all assignments or exempting all assignments

And also if you want letter grades to show on the gradebook or for users to see their scores. Click Save when you're done

Learn how to set point values for assignments