Setting Section Costs

With the integration of Stripe, you can charge money to users to participate in classes and set a limit for number of maximum members who can join the class. 

Go to the Catalog OR Section Edit page
(if you've already created the section) by clicking on the title of the course


Near the bottom of the page, check the box that says Accept Payment and then enter the cost of the course


Click Save

When you create a new section or go to the section edit page, you can set a maximum number of users to join the course


When you create a section from the catalog you'll see what the cost is for the section


New User Following Section Join Link 
When a user follows the registration link for the Section, there will be a place for payment near the bottom of the registration page


Two confirmation emails will be sent to the new user. One with a confirmation link to finish their registration and one with information confirming the purchase of the section. 

Adding A User Exempt From Payment
If you have a user that is exempt from paying for a section, you can add them to the class in the Section Members page


Click Add User in the upper right corner of the members screen 


Find your user and click Add Members


*When that user logs in to access the section, they WILL NOT be required to make a payment*

Viewing Transaction History and setting up Payment Gateway

Go to the Finances page


Under the Transaction Tab


You can see a summary of total transactions for your client and list of all transactions 


The Transaction page shows you all actions that have dealt with sections that accept payments, like a user who joined the section or a section that was created


Under description, click on the users name 


to see all transactions and total summary for that user

Click Reset Filter to go back to the transaction page with all transactions


Click View next to a transaction to see its details


Including the  UTID number, user information and transaction ID


Click here to learn how to set up your payment gateway