Go to Reports


Click Create New Statistic Report


Title your report and leave Active. Click Save


After you click Save, you will be taken to the edit report page. Start creating your report by clicking on this line


All reports start with Find. 


Click Find and the next options will appear. 


For this example, we are looking for all completed assignments from "last week". This report is looking for specific users assignments, so it will will be found under "Users, sections, assignments where..." Process shown below:




A list of filters will appear. To find completed assignments click the filter "assignment ** operator ** completed.."


Click is because we are looking for completed assignments. Selecting "in not" would search for uncompleted assignments. 


Select after to select assignments from the date selected to today


Select last week


If you have more filters, continue by clicking and or selecting an order (optional)


For example, order by section name 


In descending order


Click Generate Report 


Use the filters on the right to check what you'd like to view in your report. Your selections will change in your report view immediately. 


Use the page filters at the bottom to change the number of lines on a page (optional)


Click Export Report when you are done. Reports are pushed to your Bookshelf


You will receive an alert when the report is ready


Follow the link to your bookshelf


Click on your report to download it

Your report will download in an Excel file 


Edit the filters on your Report
You can edit your filters by clicking on a section of the Find line and clicking Delete on your keyboard. Anything after the section you selected will be deleted



A simpler report
Creating a report of the members in a certain section 









9. Export and download