Watch the video or follow the directions below.

On your Dashboard or Client Admin panel in the corner, Click on Assignments


Click on Create New Assignment


Fill in the title and optional description, Download link and due date


​Select the type of assignment: 
     Default: A general assignment that will appear in the Gradebook
     Form: A general assignmetn that will appear under Forms and is used to create form documents like certificates of     certification 
    Articulate: use this to upload an articulate file. See "How to upload an Articulate"

Click Save​ and start adding questions by selecting Add Question 


Select from a variety of question types 



Add the question and optional instructions


Then click on the second tab- Options for Choice Fields- to add answer options for multiple choice questions


The third tab is where you can set more conditions for the specific question, like if the field is required or to include a resource


Click Save
All your assignments will be listed on the Assignments page, each one showing the number of questions and total possible score. Use the red "x" to delete assignments. 


To set the points in an assignment

The system will default all questions to 1 point, but you can change it under value.
For open answer questions, go to the General Options tab and enter a progress value

For Multiple Choice questions add 
points for each answer. Check to Box for the Correct Answer (if there is one) and set a value to the answers (optional)


See how you can copy questions and/or complete assignments here

Adding Assignment to a page

In the content editor, select the page you want your assignment 


Select Assignment from Tools


The tool will appear on the page. Move it to where you want it on the page and right click > settings to add the assignment (or double click on the tool)


Settings box will appear near the tool. Title the tool (Optional) and select the assignment from the drop down. Check your options: Repeatable and Auto complete*


*Auto Complete means the user cannot review their answers and have the option to go back before submitting. 

Exit the Settings and your assignment will be ready to more and resize on the page.