We do not yet have an app available in app stores, but you can create a shortcut to our mobile interface on your cell phone.

Open your internet browser and search your site. 
Once on your site, tap the small banner icon in the top right corner of your screen

This page will appear. Tap Add bookmark

Name your bookmark and tap Save. Leave the location

The bookmark will appear on your Bookmarks page under "My device"

Hold down the new bookmark until this option bar pops up. Select Add shortcut

The bookmark will be added to your home screen. If your home screen is full, it will move it to an available page. Swipe to other pages to find the orange banner icon. You may move it to another location, folder or quick access bar. 

open your browser and search your site. Click your options button and tap Bookmark

Name your bookmark and click Save. An icon will be added to your home screen