How to create a new Learning Plan (LP) - Duplicating and Deleting an LP

On the Client Admin Dashboard select ‚ÄčLearning Plans


Click Create Learning Plan in the upper right


Fill out the title, description and start date on the first page- if there is no later start date, set it for today.


Then select if users must follow the order sequence or not- the sequence will be set up later


Click Save
Back on the Learning Plans page, click on the LP you just created to finish editing/adding the rest of the information


Click on the blank image to add a cover photo



Next, set the Rewards Icon and message that users will see when they complete the LP. Click on the default image to upload your own or choose from a library of Giphy images


Search the giphy reservoir for images. Click Load More and Scroll to view more images


Select an image and click Save

Below the image add a custom reward message users will see with the reward image, or leave the default message


Select if you want the score to appear to users when they complete the LP- Note: the LP will only populate a score if there are scores set in the gradebook of the sections completed in the LP


Click Save

How to Duplicate and Delete a Learning Plan

On the LP home page, each LP has options to the right

Click the duplicate icon to copy a LP. Note: Duplicated LPs copy the title, description, date, photo, reward information, section sequence and section compliance. LP Members are not copied. 


The duplicated LP will appear on the LP Home page as "Copy of {title}" Click on the LP to edit 


To delete a Learning Plan, use the delete button on the home page


Or on the LP edit page


Your Learning Plan is now ready to add sections! Click here to learn how