Converting to New Editor

When you go to Sections there will be a tab Convert to New Editor. Once this is done, it cannot be reverted. 


Adding Pages 

The Content Editors new look is cleaner and easier to use than the old one. Go to Content Editor and start with the page selection.


Your original pages will appear, or you can start in a new section/catalog by clicking New Page*

   *Note: Page deleting, settings, visibility and duplication are to the right of each page title. 
​              Rearrange the order of the page using the arrows to the left of each page title.

In New Page options, enter a title and select a page type

  • Custom page- start with a blank page or chose from a number of page templates
  • Resource page- shows the list of resources you select from your resource repository
  • Calendar Page
  • Meeting Page - to host Zoom Meetings 
  • Discussion Page- click here to see how it works
  • Members Page- a list of all members in the section for users to view 
  • External Page- click here to see how it works
Click Add Page

Adding Tools 

​Select a page


Click on the Tool icon under the Pages icon 


Select the tool you want on your page


Click the tool to add it to the page


All tools are already to resize and move on the page


Editing Tools
Tool settings can be viewed by Double clicking  on the tool or Right clicking to find Settings


Settings* is where you will add your content (via URL or Resources), adjust padding, set iPath and use the Anchor tool (FAQ coming soon)


Most tools will initially appear blank, though the Media tool has a placeholder video. 

* Each tool will have it's own custom settings available 

Tool Options 
Tools can also be cut, copied or pasted, deleted, locked into place or sent backward or forward on the page. 
Yes, Tools can be copied and pasted to other pages


Other Tips
- You can use keyboard shortcuts to Copy, Cut and Paste tools
- You can delete tools by selecting them and clicking Delete on your keyboard