Yes, you can! Each question created in an assignment has a default point value of 1, but can be customized. For questions that have more than one option, maybe all the answers are correct but answer A is more appropriate than answer B. You can set point (progress) values to individual answers choices so answer A gives 3 points and answer B gives 1. 

Go to Assignments 


And Create an Assignment 


Name and Save the assignment and add a question


All question types that give multiple choice options have point value options (otherwise there is one point value for answering the question):
Radio Buttons
Check Boxes
Multiple Choice Drop-Down

Title your question


Select Options for Choice Fields


Enter your answer choices. To the right of each choice field you can give point (progress) value


When there is No correct answer (all boxes unchecked) all progress values default at 1


To give weight to the correct answer, check the Is correct box 


‚ÄčIf there is more than one answer correct, you can check more than one box. 

If the correct answers vary in weight, you can change the point values 


Save the question.

Each question you create will show you the highest possible point value it has

Save the whole assignment when you are done. 
Learn how to add the assignment to your class here
If values do not seem to be appearing correctly, refresh your page.

When the assignment is completed by a user, they will see their score based on the total points of the assignment.