Events Posted in the Admin Calendar will appear in any section calendar that you select


In Client Admin, click on the Calendar tile


In the upper right of the Admin Calendar view click Add Event 


On the Add Event page, add a title and description 


The description box is suitable for HTML code as well. Simply copy the code and paste. This, for example, is an imbedded image. Go to sites like to generate HTML code 


Select a start date. The end date will automatically set to the same day as the start date. 


Set the time. The end time will automatically set to an hour after the start time. End time can be edited. 

Add the name of the Place where your event is happening. When you add the street address and zip code, you will see a map of you event location. 


Edit the options

- Reoccurring Events 
       Select if you want the event to be reoccurring 


       Including a date for the reoccurring event to end 


- Check if users can RSVP and/or leave comments
‚Äč- Check if the event is Locked: Event cannot be modified in sections by section Leaders
- Check if the event is Private: Event will not appear on home page widget


Lastly, check the sections you want the event to appear in, or check Select All to make the event appear in all section calendars 


Click Save Event


How do users RSVP
When a user clicks to view the event, they may RSVP to the right, under the event information


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