There are two ways to add a calendar
      1. As it's own page
      2. As a tool on a page (chose from four different views)

*Include as many calendar views in your section as you wish*

Adding a Calendar Page to a section
In section edit mode, click on Add Page


Select Calendar Page and Add Page. Calendar is one of the pages you cannot edit in the Editor, but you can set its setting by clicking on the pages setting gear


Select what view you want the calendar to have and what day of the week to start on


Make sure to Publish before Viewing Section 

Adding a Calendar Tool to a page
In the Editor, add a Discussion tool to the page you want 

​Double click on the calendar tool to view Settings and s
elect the calendar view to display on the page and which day of the week to start on


Resize and move your Calendar. Publish before Viewing Section 

What events appear in these calendars?