How to add Sections and Offline Events to a Learning Plan (LP)

From the LP home page, select Setup Compliance for your LP


Click on the blank section cover to add a section. Note: sections must be already created in the system


Select from the list of section and click Add Requirement 


You can add an offline activity to the LP requirements by selecting Offline Activity. Make sure you add a title name and click Add requirement


Once you've added your requirements, arrange them in their desired or required order for your users by dragging the section covers around


Delete a requirement from the LP by clicking on the trash can



Now that you have your requirements selected it is time to edit them and determine what is required for users to complete each section or offline event. 

Click on the section cover photo to see the edit options
Edit the title and cover photo if desired and add a description. Note:  HTML can be used in descriptions


Add a custom Completion Message that users will see after completing the section, or leave blank for the default message.

For an offline event, there is no completion message box because users will not see when they complete that requirement. We will talk about how users complete offline events later. Click here to see now
Use the description box to give users information, url links, documents and instructions about the offline event and who to contact once they've completed it. 



​Now set the completion requirements. 

For sections, there are two ways you can set completion requirements:

1. Follow iPath
Follow iPath means that the section will be complete based on the iPath that is set up in that section. This is useful for a section that has hidden pages or requires a score for the user to pass. This requires that iPath must be set in the section. Click here to learn how to set iPath for an LP.
Note: Once Follow iPath is selected as the completion requirement for a section in the LP it cannot be reversed. Don't fret, the easy get-around is to delete the section and re-add it back to the LP.       


2. Automated iPath
Selecting Automate iPath allows you to select which videos and/or assignments the user must complete before the section is marked complete in the LP. All assignments and videos within the section will appear available to be checked.
Click Save Requirement 



Next is to set Compliance for the LP
Compliance is for Learning Plans that are required to be retaken. 
Set Compliance by checking ​User must retake learning plan


Set when the LP must be retaken. i.e. Every 6 months or Every 1 quarter


Set how you want members of the LP to be alerted. Members will be automatically alerted that they need to retake the LP a month and/or a week before the LP is in compliance again and receive an alert on the Velop and/or their email.

Now that you're Learning Plan has all of it's requirements and compliance set, it's time to Add Members