​In your class, under “Class Admin” on the left side panel, click Edit Section


Or in Sections, click ​Content Editor 


Click on the Pages tab


Click the New Page button 

Pick which type of page you want, Add Page

  • Custom page- you can add any tools on a custom page, and also have the option of preset page template layouts. There is no limit for custom pages per section
  • Discussion Page- takes discussions you may have throughout the course and hubs them in one place. There is a limit of one discussion page per section.
  • External Page- External page takes a user to another URL when they click on the page tab. There is no limit for external pages per section. 
  • Meeting page- for setting up online Zoom meetings. There is no limit for meeting pages per section. 
  • Resource page- shows the list of resources you select from your resource repository. There is a limit of one resource page per section. 
  • Calendar page- holds a large calendar with all section events. There is a limit of one calendar page per section.
Once your page is created you can begin editing tools and page settings 

Delete, move, rename, duplicate and set page visibility using the icons to the right of the page title