After you or an administrator has added a Calendar to your section (depending on permission levels) go to the calendar inside your section

Whether it is a Calendar Page or a page with a calendar tool on it, you will see Add Event in the top right of the screen. Click on Add Event


Add a title and description 


The description box is suitable for HTML code as well. Simply copy the code and paste. This, for example, is an imbedded image. Go to sites like to generate HTML code 


Select a start date. The end date will automatically set to the same day as the start date. 


Set the time. The end time will automatically set to an hour after the start time. End time can be edited. 

Add the name of the Place where your event is happening. When you add the street address and zip code, you will see a map of you event location. 


Edit the options

- Reoccurring Events 
       Select if you want the event to be reoccurring 


       Including a date for the reoccurring event to end 


- Select if users can RSVP and/or leave comments

Click Save Event


The event will appear on all the calendar views in that section



How do users RSVP
When users view the event they can RSVP to the right 

To edit the event 

When you view your event, click the Edit button to the right of your event title


Export to iCal