You can add any Youtube or Vimeo video URL to your page using the Media tool, or add a video from you resource list. 

In your class, under “Class Admin” on the left side panel, click Edit Section


Or in Sections, click ​Content Editor 


Select the page you want to work on


Then click the Tools and select Media


You will see a placement holder video appear. Double click on the tool to access Settings and change the video URL


For a public Youtube video, the url can simply be copied and pasted to your page


Or, if you have access to any video, under the video is an About section


Click on the Share section


Copy the Share URL


Paste it to the Media Tool and the video will appear 

For Vimeo, you can also copy and past the link to your video


Or, on your video in Vimeo...


Click the Share button on the top right


Copy the link that appears


Paste to the tool 


Resize and ​move the tool how you want it on the page.

You can also add a video from you resources to the media tool. In Settings, just select the resource from the dropdown



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