In your class, under “Class Admin” on the left side panel, click Edit Section


Or in Sections, click ​Content Editor 


Select the page you want to work on


Then click the Tools 

Click on the tool you want to add to the page. 


The tool will appear in the middle of the page. 


​You can now resize, move and edit the settings for the tool.


Move tools by dragging around the page.
Resize tools by putting your curser in the bottom right corner until you see a small square, or using the right or bottom edges. 

Delete, copy, paste, lock, bring forward, send backward
Right click on the tool to view the options 


You can also delete by clicking on the tool and using the delete button on your keyboard. 

To see the settings of each tool, follow the links below 
Add Assignments
Make Discussions
Add/Edit Resources

Click Publish before exiting Content Editor to save all changes