Powerful, Simple, Personalized E-learning

Engaging Learners, Producing Results

Velop™ is a powerful online learning solution designed to equip individuals, groups and teams to develop their potential and progress in areas that matter most. Velop supports online training, classes, courses and any group activity that engages learners, resulting in improved performance.

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Concerned that one size doesn't fit all?

  • Unique knowledge, skills and abilities are assessed
  • Based on each unique learner, individualized content is presented
  • Application of learning increases due to relevancy to learner


Worried about adding one more system?

  • Customized to increase work flow and efficiency
  • Unlimited API integration possibilities
  • Build-in flexibility to adapt to your needs

Total Solution

Not sure if you can build an effective e-learning system on your own?

  • Partner with you to design your training architecture and strategy
  • Able to create content to meet your objectives
  • Collaborate with you to improve your overall learning design


Personalized Learning

iPath technology allows you to create an interactive learning platform that meets the needs of all types of users. This ability can make all the difference between having some users progress and having all of your users progress. By creating easy events and actions you can send users down two personalized paths that make them reach the same goal, each in their own way. No more one size fits all learning experiences.

Powerful Content Designer

Creating a classroom is easy. Simple drag and drop tools allow you to control the look and flow of your course. Build your section from scratch or use any of our page templates. With simple multi-media integration, you can implement any visuals, videos, documents or sound recordings to enhance your users learning experience.

Unlimited Live Web-Conferencing

Teach, train, connect and collaborate real time using live web conferencing. We have created a meeting tool with Zoom that can be used in any class at any time. Create multiple meetings in one class for break out sessions and have up to 100 users in each meeting at a time. Meeting rooms can be customized since you control the set up of your class, and you receive all the tools that Zoom has to offer, including video recording for those who may have missed the meeting.


Create paid courses using the secure, built in finance system. You control the cost and seat availability of the course and users pay right on the site when they register for the course. The system is currently integrated with Stripe Finance and is open to set up additional payment gateways.

Dynamic Assignments

Create interactive and data collecting quizzes, tests, surveys, assignments or polls with easy to build assignments. Chose from a range of question types to help set up your assessments. Assignment questions can include HTML descriptions, images and even video and the point value system allows you to set the standard for your users. Scores can be shown to users once they finish and assignments are downloadable and viewable to the users and admin.

Resource Manager

Upload, store and share documents system and section wide. Manage resource folders from the Admin Resource Manager to be reflected in each section. Nearly all document types are supported from PowerPoints, JPEGs, Word documents and web links, all easily added by dragging and dropping from your desktop.

Business Form Processing

Take any process and turn it into a streamlined solution. Place your form processing in one secure location to ensure efficiency and effectiveness to help you reach your business goals.

Data Security and Privacy

Velop is a secure site and only works with other secure sites. Align your existing security policies and require users to acknowledge them before accessing your site.

Great Support

Velop has been praised for it’s personal support team, and we take pride in it. A detailed FAQ forum is just a click away with the easy access support button that is always available on the site. Ready to help support representatives stand by to provide direct support.

Learning Plans

Take a series of sections and create a sequenced curriculum for users. Learning Plans allows you to set users on an automated path of work with features including compliance, certificates of completion, iPath structure and fun reward stickers.

Additional Features

  • Client Admin Control- no programming needed
  • White Label/Customized Platform
  • Third- Party Integration- Vimeo, Youtube, Soundcloud, whatever you can find online.
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Progress Tracking and Reporting
  • Calendar System
  • Open API


  • Communication- emails, alert reminders, and simple forums
  • User management with extensive permission controls
  • Self-enrollment with personalized profile
  • Groups
  • Reliable scalability
  • Access without anything to download
  • Easy All in One Platform experience


  • What our clients like about Velop...
    • Customized Functionality
    • Solution minded collaboration
    • Problem solving with clients
    • Low Cost High Functionality
    • Responsive Customer Support

"Velop is the most robust yet simplistic user experience for our employees I have seen. As we continue to develop interactive, online learning, I can say that if we can dream it, Velop can support it. Velop continues to exceed our expectations in support and responsiveness; we are raving fans and clients for life!"

Embassy Management LLC
Director of Training and Development

Case Studies

Quote from Key Stakeholder

"Velop is more than a learning management system - it is a flexible, universal platform where virtually any learning tool can be developed and housed. Usage data can also be easily tracked. Learners like that they can use Velop at their own pace. Also, the ability to assess our learners with multiple layers of interactive assessment helps us to better measure overall comprehension. Rather than waiting until the very end of the module to gauge understanding, we can now identify gaps in comprehension earlier and more effectively."
~ C. Lawrence, Embassy Management, LLC

Business Need

  • Reduce the company's on-boarding process while maximizing its effectiveness
  • Provide new hires with easily accessible, real-time learning resources and capabilities.
  • Current and historical reporting and analysis of new hires inadequate. (e.g. difficult to measure the effectiveness of learning resources or to confirm that learner has completed the work).


  • Replicate and standardize new hire on-boarding experience.
  • Free up time for other value-added tasks by reducing on-boarding time.
  • Accelerate the introduction of a cost-effective solution.

Solutions & Results

  • Velop reduced time required for on-boarding from 5 days to 3 days.
  • Allowed organization to help new employees learn effectively and view results.
  • Ensured delivery of timely, relevant learning throughout the organization.
  • Introduced fast, low-risk route to new hire learning.
  • Saved money by getting new hires into their daily tasks and routines more quickly.
  • Enabled more robust reporting and analysis of new hire learning results.

Technologies Used

Velop learning platform, including:

  • New Hire training Module
  • HIPPA Module
  • Cultural Competency Module
  • Refresher training/Annual Training
  • Performance
  • Leadership Modules
  • On-line Work Assessment
  • Work Program orientation, assessment and work agreement
  • Tools and resources for participants and staff
  • Communication tool for real-time notifications


Who are these people?

We are a group of passionate people who set out to make a new kind of LMS system that was simple, powerful, and really customizable. Our focus is creating a great user experience- taking what you have to do and turning it into something you want to do.

Our Vision

To see a world where technology enables people to reach their God-given potential.

Our Team

  • Tim Krauss
    Tim has a passion for helping people reach their potential, which is why he created Velop. He holds a BS in Marketing and a BS in Management from LeTourneau University as well as a Masters in Management from Minot State University. He has worked in Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and ministries. Tim has lived overseas in China and has traveled to 16 different countries in Asia, Africa and South America. His greatest accomplishments are marrying a beautiful woman Marianne and having 4 amazing kids.
    Tim Krauss MS Founder
  • David DeWitt
    David rose through sales and sales management positions to lead a fast-growing $33M technology business that was part of a global $100M company. He has also forged strategic relationships with partners like Adobe and Microsoft. Reporting to the Board, I was one of seven executives who led the entire Monotype organization. I have...

    • Spearheaded a $50M acquisition that led to the IPO of the company
    • Took over an unprofitable business and made it the fastest-growing in the company
    • Built and managed a global team with offices in UK, Germany, Hong Kong and Japan
    • Moved an organization to a new model and grew revenues 25% CAGR
    • Set records for sales, profits and market share

    Specialties:P&L / Sales / Marketing / e-Commerce / Operations / Product Development / M&A
    Large companies / Start ups / Turnarounds / Finance / Fundraising / Investor Relations
    David DeWitt Development
  • Chris Aram
    Chris is a husband, father, consultant, photographer and coffee snob; but most of all, a student of life. He enjoys full-stack web development and using technology to make life better. He also loves to read and spend time with family and friends.
    Manish Jain Developer


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